Ethno-Religious Diversity in Nigeria Academic libraries: Role of swarm intelligence on teams


  • Adebowale Jeremy Adetayo Adeleke University
  • Folashade Munirat Lawal Afe Babalola University
  • Augustine I Enamudu Afe Babalola University
  • Arinola Oluwatoyin Gbotoso Federal College of Agriculture Akure


This article explores how Swarm intelligence (SI) addresses academic library team limitations, amplifies library teams' intelligence and facilitates better library service decisions. It demonstrates how libraries can use SI to harness the diverse perspectives that individual personnel bring to groups and facilitate convergence upon decisions. A thorough analysis of literature was conducted. Discoveries from literature were then used to construct a Swarm intelligence model applicable to the library. Findings indicate that librarians must continue to strategize through Swarm intelligence to position themselves for better decision-making, increased innovation and increased productivity. Swarm intelligence is a vital parameter for managing teams in a diverse library. Due to the striking collective feats that many animals can produce, the study of animal swarm intelligence is a crucial area for inspiration that offers the library a unique potential for transformation. The paper is valuable as it explores the application of swarm intelligence on teams in diverse library settings






Peer Reviewed