Making Your Case: A Practical Approach for Managers on Getting Funding and Support




acquiring funds, new initiatives, getting support


Middle and senior management positions come with many challenges, but one of the biggest is in garnering support and funding for new initiatives. A manager is given a staff and a budget and is expected to utilize effectively both sets of resources to achieve certain priorities. However, when it comes to new programs and innovations that require additional resources, managers are typically on their own in terms of how to make that happen. They are expected to shift resources, and this is especially true in times of shrinking budgets. This pressure has been the root of failure for many good managers, and it can lead some to stop seeking challenges and opportunities to innovate. It may seem as if the ability to get funding is a mysterious gift – some people have it, others don’t. However, with practice, anyone can learn to be more effective at obtaining resources. This paper will discuss a practical approach that can be applied to any situation.

Author Biography

Honora N. Eskridge, Vanderbilt University

Honora N. Eskridge is the Director of the Stevenson Science and Engineering Library at Vanderbilt University.