The Evolving Research Library: Responsive Organizational Change


  • Marcia G Stockham Kansas State University
  • Michael J. Haddock Kansas State University
  • Lori A. Goetsch Kansas State University



reorganization, academic libraries, assessment


Because of the pace of change in library environments, the organization is continuously evolving and the days of having a structure etched in stone are gone. Kansas State University Libraries engaged in a major organizational restructuring in 2009-2010 and, based on studies and assessments, two smaller but significant changes again in 2015. To assess and redesign the organization, analysis of new and emerging work, staff resources, budget, and space were critical, but the important constant was library users and meeting their needs. This article outlines development of the structural reorganizations, issues encountered during the changes, examples of task force work, lessons learned about process and outcomes, and resulting changes that were made.

Author Biographies

Marcia G Stockham, Kansas State University

Professor and Associate Dean, Content Management and Scholarly Communications, Kansas State University Libraries

Michael J. Haddock, Kansas State University

Professor and Associate Dean, Research, Education and Engagement, Kansas State University Libraries

Lori A. Goetsch, Kansas State University

Professor and Dean of Libraries






Peer Reviewed